Countywide elections

Voter registration is the only requirement to vote in Wyandotte County. 

Special elections

Occasionally, cities or school districts choose to hold a special election to decide on a specific issue. Whether that be a special sales tax or a school bond, only those registrants who reside in that jurisdiction are eligible to vote on that issue. As such, if a city or school district is holding an election, you must be a resident of that city or school district and a registered voter if you want to participate in the special election.

Drainage district elections

The three drainage districts in Wyandotte County hold elections every four years to elect their governing boards. The lists of eligible voters for these elections are defined through a partnership with the County Clerk and Unified Government Treasurer. If you believe you are eligible to vote in a drainage district election, please ask the board worker to check the drainage district poll book when you check in to vote. The next drainage district election will be in 2019.